About the Chef

Chef Joel Ferrer grew up in Cuba.

He worked for 20 years as an "executive chef in some of Cuba’s most elite restaurants and hotels." Now, he crafts uniquely beautiful dishes for celebrities, in-home dinner parties, full-spread weddings, and corporate events.

“Chef is not a job; it’s a lifestyle,” he likes to say.

“A chef is an artist, just like musicians. It’s art — creating recipes, creating food. When a musician creates music, he’s not thinking about money; he’s thinking about music. And when his customer feels the music and he feels that connection, it’s the same thing with chefs. When we create recipes and feel how the customer’s feeling and see their face, it’s what we love. It’s the fire.”

Like Chef Joel, his wife Yinet is a Cuba native and has 2.5 years of formal training as a waitress.

“We serve with love; that’s our secret recipe,” Yinet says. “This restaurant, for us, is a way that we can share our passion with the community. We’ve been in the food industry for many, many years and it’s part of our life. That’s what we love to do: serve people and make them happy with our service and with our food.”

We want to help Cuban cuisine grow in Georgia - to bring a little piece of Miami to here. And we'd love for you to join us.

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